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Customers are welcome from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM in all branches with the exception of the first day of Eid, while branches in Mecca are operational daily from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM including the first day of Eid SBA's District Offices also oversee the delivery of SBA's programs throughout the states such as:• To find your nearest Samba branch
Branches are open Before you visit a branch, use our to check the branch information, as open branches and operating hours may change Al Rajhi Bank held and sponsored the Small Trader of Financial Awareness program for the second time as one of its social responsibility programs to increase financial awareness and help develop a culture of saving within the community


With a Capital of S.

SBA provides small business counseling and training through District Offices across the country
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Looking for small business counseling and training close to home? 1957, and regulated by Saudi Central Bank
Branches open during COVID
Phone number Region Yanbu Branch 800-124-8000 Yanbu Takhassussi Branch 800-124-8000 Riyadh Taif Branch 800-124-8000 Taif Tabouk Branch 800-124-8000 Tabouk Shifa Branch 800-124-8000 Riyadh Qurtoba Branch 800-124-8000 Dammam Prince Sultan St 800-124-8000 Jeddah Prince Majed Street Branch 800-124-8000 Jeddah Onaiza Branch 800-124-8000 Qassim Ohud Branch 800-124-8000 Dammam Najran Branch 800-124-8000 Najran Malik Rd, Branch 800-124-8000 Jeddah Malaz Branch 800-124-8000 Riyadh Makkah Branch 800-124-8000 Makkah King Fahad District Branch 800-124-8000 Riyadh Khurais Branch 800-124-8000 Riyadh Khobar - Regional Office 800-124-8000 Khobar Khamis Mushait Branch 800-124-8000 Khamis Mushait Jubail Branch 800-124-8000 Jubail Jeddah - Regional Office 800-124-8000 Jeddah Jazan Branch 800-124-8000 Jazan Head Office Branch 800-124-8000 Riyadh Hail Branch 800-124-8000 Hail Hafar Al Batin Branch 800-124-8000 Hafar Al Batin Ghurnata Branch 800-124-8000 Riyadh Dammam Branch 800-124-8000 Dammam Buraidah Branch 800-124-8000 Qassim Buraidah Branch 800-124-8000 Qassim Badi'ah Branch 800-124-8000 Riyadh Al-Worood Branch 800-124-8000 Riyadh Pagination• SBDCs also conduct training events throughout the district - some require a nominal registration fee
This initiative is an extension of the bank's efforts to support effective and diversified community programs and initiatives, and to increase corporate cooperation and collaborative efforts to serve the public Ramadan Banking hours: Sunday - Thursday From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM SpeedCash Centers Ramadan Working Hours: From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM 24 Hours: Samba ATMs SambaPhone 800 124 2000 SambaOnline banking Sambamobile
you have been in contact with any known, or suspected cases of COVID-19 in the past 14 days• SABB Advance bank account is a global premium account Pay for your purchases worldwide and enjoy a wide range of features and benefits With SABB you can transfer money anywhere in the world instantly Women's Business Ownership Representatives are available to advise women business owners

HSBC Saudi Arabia

V and SABB incorporated a joint venture to establish the first full-service, independent investment bank in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia licensed under the Capital Market Law as HSBC Saudi Arabia.

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Even with our additional measures, please do not use our branches if:• com, is licensed by the Council of Ministers Resolution 91 dated 23
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Partners Centres All Partners Centres are open for customers
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you have been diagnosed with, or are awaiting results from being tested for COVID-19 coronavirus• Financial assistance for new or existing businesses through guaranteed loans made by area bank and non-bank lenders