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It only helps remove DRM and convert eBooks formats between Kindle, ePub and PDF The format has been so common by now that many e-readers and software applications support it
Updated 2019: I guess now most of the browser also support the epub reading By defaul epubor ultimate tool calibre too won't help you edit the converted PDF files

Convert EPUB to PDF online

You will see "Decrypted" as the image shows if your EPUB has DRM.

Method to Convert EPUB to PDF in Windows
The publishing industry has adapted it as a standard format for eBooks, so EPUB is compatible with most electronic reading devices
Convert EPUB to PDF
Below given just a few features of the tool that makes it the best among the likes: Highlight features:• File cannot be converted: Solution: You need to ensure that you specify the download location before clicking the download link
Convert EPUB to PDF online
Below are the step by step guide
Why should you convert from EPUB to PDF? You can protect your files using passwords or digital signatures and you may highlight, underline, or stamp your files EPUB is an eBook file format which is a very used form for reading your favorite books or any other documents you may have on your devices
An EPUB file is a ZIP archive that contains, in effect, a website-including HTML files, images, CSS style sheets, and other assets The software supports txt, docx, mobi, EPUB, PDF and other image formats

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But for PDF files, you can even view them online with a browser like Chrome.

EPUB to PDF: A Fast and Free EPUB to PDF Online Converter
In order to edit and secure the documents, you may want to convert EPUB to PDF format
Convert EPUB to PDF online
You also can merge several files or the existing PDF files into a single PDF file
EPUB to PDF: A Fast and Free EPUB to PDF Online Converter
PDF File category Additional information about PDF means Portable Document Format and was created by Adobe to format documents Additional information Useful links File conversion Developer Adobe Systems Associated programs Acrobat Reader, Adobe Viewer